Pizza Express

It was late afternoon when I visited their branch in Jumeirah after we had our photo walk at Business Bay. A perfect pizza joint for a perfectly reasonable late lunch – where any other restaurant seems to be pricier and does not do much justification.


The best part is we were right in time for the Hawaiian Pizza for as low as AED 70. It’s the latest addition to the menu and it’s not any kind of ordinary pizza with chunks of pineapple on it. The specialty was pineapple chutney with tiny slices of pineapple that was balanced in a masterpiece. If that’s not enough to make you happy then it’s also topped with veal bacon. Pizza Express generally serves thin crust pizza so it’s not too heavy. Not so super friendly staff – getting into the restaurant  felt I was not genuinely welcomed by their staff.




Located in 4 branches around UAE , Al Safa – Jumeirah, Bin Sougat Center, IBN Battuta Mall, and World Trade Center. They also offer desserts with a different variety of flavors. Loved the fact that they offer gluten free dessert option but amongst all – cheesecake stands out, prepared in Vanilla cheesecake with a crumbly biscuit base with raspberry coulis.




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